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At La Noria Outlet you will find the best brands in outlet fashion: Purificación García, Carolina Herrera, Springfield, Women Secret, Cortefiel, Pedro del Hierro, Milano, Aberden, Pepe Jeans, Adolfo Domínguez, Bimba y Lola, Lois, Bendorff, Victorio y Lucchino, Levi´s, Amichi, Desigual, …

Top brands from your favorite designers at incredible discounts.  Don’t miss out on the great selection of clothes available at La Noria Outlet Shopping in Murcia. So come and visit our stores at the fashion outlet.

The Purificación García Outlet. An avant-garde brand inspired by photography and the arts. Leading contemporary collections of outstanding quality and elaborated with subtle fabrics.

Carolina Herrera Outlet. Style and elegance but without excess are the trademarks of this particular brand. The Carolina Herrera fashion store in La Noria Outlet offers you an extensive range of fashion lines and accessories for both men and women, for party wear, casual or formal wear.

Fifty Factory Outlet. Fifty Factory offers its customers big discounts on quality designer garments from the Cortefiel Group: Springfield, Women Secret, Cortefiel, Pedro del Hierro, Milano, and Aberden.

Pepe Jeans Outlet. Achieve that carefree London street market look with this successful brand of denim clothes. Outlet fashion for the young in an informal and very British urban style.

Adolfo Domínguez Outlet. Fashion renown for being comfortable and urban and yet very innovative. In the store you will find fashion clothing and accessories at incredible prices.

Bimba y Lola Outlet. Luxury and accessible but without paying a premium. Bimba y Lola offer high quality products with vintage pop references. The store offers fashion clothing including jackets and blouses as well as a diverse range of accessories like handbags, belts, shoes, scarves, hats, custom jewellery etc.

Lois – Victorio y Lucchino Outlet. A new store concept that combines both a casual style, with clothing brands such as Lois and Bendorff and the elegant fashion of Victorio and Lucchino. Sporty and classic denim fashion under de same roof.

Levis Outlet. Levi Strauss & Co the well known international label in Jeans evolves towards more transgressive lines without neglecting its classic denim lines. At the store you will find the best in denim fashion at outlet prices.   

Amichi Outlet. The Amichi store offers an extensive selection of women’s fashion wear. Amichi is well known for its contemporary, carefree and casual designs. This Spanish brand offers youthful, comfortable, independent and chic style clothing.

Desigual Outlet. Colour floods the designs of this brand, its style denotes positivism and joy, and the originality of each design impregnates all Desigual garments. The Desigual store in La Noria offers outlet fashion for men and women as well a great selection of accessories.

Fashion Brands in our outlet