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Outlet Adolfo Domínguez in Murcia

Adolfo Domínguez, is from Galicia by origin, and is one of the most renowned Spanish designers and a pillar within the industry. During his career he has been known for his respect for animals and his involvement in environmentalism. His fashion is known for being comfortable, functional and self-assured but without neglecting its clean and straight lines and use of colours.

During the development of the brand, Adolfo Domínguez has introduced several stylish lines and accessories like perfume and jewellery. The amount of care and detail put into the finished product clearly shows it’s a company with long experience in this sector.

Entering one of their fashion stores quickly becomes a unique experience that will change your sensory perception of shopping.

Adolfo Domínguez Gallery


Name: Adolfo Domínguez

Activity: Moda

Telephone: 968 605 311

Unit: B44


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