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La noria

Outlet Bimba y Lola in Murcia

Uxia and Maria are the designers behind one of the most iconic brands in the current market. Under the brand name Bimba y Lola, the duo started off with Adolfo Dominguez and where also responsible for the commercial success of Purificacion Garcia. In a short space of time the brand had managed to expand and dress customers in over 17 countries around the world.  

Their handbags and accessories with their emblematic, greyhound logo, classic lines, patterns together with the use of excellent materials make the brand unmistakable.

Offering accessible luxury clothing, but without paying a premium. Bimba y Lola offer high quality products with vintage pop references. The brand offers fashion clothing including jackets and blouses as well as a diverse range of accessories like handbags, belts, shoes, scarves, hats custom jewellery etc.

An everlasting formula that has won over the love of fashion capitals such as London, Paris but also countries such Lebanon and Peru.

Bimba y Lola Gallery


Name: Bimba y Lola

Activity: Fashion

Telephone: 968 605 101

Unit: 22