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Outlet Charanga in Murcia

Charanga is a brand that was born in 1991 as a part of Milla Med S.A. group. The objective is to offer quality kids wear. Since then, Charanga has become a reference in the sector of child fashion in Spain. Their professional design team has offered always the latest trends in fashion, choosing the best textile for their manufacture.

Charanga is part of a brand philosophy, throwing the concept of coordinated into the fashion market. Charanga bets for the development of a franchise system, that is a pioneer in the world of kids wear. Nowadays, the brand has more than 230 shops all over the world, between Charanga shops, franchises and corners in shopping centres.

Thanks to the multiple combinations of Charanga’s clothes, dressing the kids is now easier for their parents and funnier for the children. The designs are recognised for their huge colourful, for the drawings and for their original embroideries.

The Charanga Outlet offers two collections every year: the first one is for Spring-Summer and the second one is for Autumn-Winter. Moreover, Charanga offers a continuous line of basics and, also, a huge selection of complements.

Charanga Gallery


Name: Charanga

Activity: Moda Infantil

Telephone: 968 928 052

Unit: B51