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La noria

Outlet Levi’s in Murcia

The story behind this classic among brands dates back to 1873 and to Levi Strauss & Co. Since then the international jeans label has become a recognized and imitated benchmark on the five continents. Levi’s® have formed part of the film, commercial and art world conveying a rebel look that still lasts today. Levi’s® is currently evolving towards more transgressive lines but without leaving aside its classic denim lines. It’s that spirit that has allowed the American brand to carry on being associated with maximum quality, contemporary lines and a unique style.

Over the years the product range has grown and Levis now also offer everything from t-shirts and accessories to shoes. Its wide repertoire of jeans and accessories are available in over 110 countries, allowing people to continue the Levis story.

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Name: Levi’s Docker’s

Activity: Fashion

Telephone: 968 605 329

Unit: B23-24