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La noria

Outlet Mtng – Mustang Store in Murcia

MTNG – Mustang is a benchmark brand aimed at the young and energetic female market. Its latest fashion designs offer the latest trends using the best materials and artesanal techniques. To help you achive that total look, they also offer an ample line of accessories.

In an ever more demanding market, Mustang is very proud in being able to offer excellent value for money across their range, but without compromising on the quality of material or finished product. The Mustang experience is more than a style, it’s a way of seeing life with touches of boho-chic, light and above all comfort.

Living a brand is enjoying the experience and making it feel a part of you. This is MTNG – Mustang’s dream: Let’s live the experience together.

Mtng – Mustang Store Gallery


Name: Mustang Outlet

Activity: Fashion

Telephone: 868 955 131

Unit: B47-48