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Outlet Purificación García in Murcia

Purificacion Garcia is a Spanish designer and an expert in creating contemporary style clothing delicately elaborated using subtle fabrics. Purificacion Garcia is an expert in producing cutting edge and avant-garde fashion inspired by the arts and photography.

The story begins in Galicia where Purificación García was born. Her life took a turn when her parents emigrated to Uruguay, the country where she would take her first steps in the fashion industry. It was there where she familiarized herself with the materials that where later to launch her into the world of retail fashion.

It was not until 1989 that Purificación García launched her first collection in Milan which paved the way to her huge success. In the years to follow we would see the arrival of her line of ready-to-wear clothing for men and women to which she then added a range of high quality sunglasses, handbags and accessories.

Come and experience Purificación García´s world of fashion and textures, and accessories.

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Name: Purificación García

Activity: Moda

Telephone: 968 605 062

Unit: B4